How to capture mouth-watering photos of your restaurant

Posted on June 21st, 2017
Professional Photography by YP Dine

According to Per, approximately 84% of communications will be visual by 2018. In a time where image plays a key role in the choices of consumers, capturing your dishes and promoting them is as important as your menu.

Here's why.

Photography is at the heart of marketing strategies, and that's not a coincidence. Professional photos of your dishes help stimulate potential clients' appetites. When you publish images that provoke desire on your website and social media accounts, you increase your chances of people remembering you and visiting your restaurant. More visits leads to more revenue!

So, what are the options for capturing beautiful photos?

Getting free photos

Getting free photos

It's true that photos help sell and have a more positive effect on the perception that people have of your restaurant. If you don't have the time to take them yourself or the money to pay a professional, there are always other options.

It's no secret that foodies love photographing their meals. This is free publicity! Don't hesitate to run photo contests on your social networks in order to incite your customers to take pictures of your dishes and share them across their own social networks.

If you've got the eye, put it to work!

If you've got the eye, put it to work!

Taking your own photos is an interesting solution for those with smaller budgets. With a simple camera or even a good mobile phone, you can produce very nice results. Here are a few tips to follow in order to obtain high-quality images:

  • Set yourself up near a natural light source, such as a window
  • Choose your most colourful, appetizing dishes
  • Avoid using a flash
  • Ensure you have good exposure
  • Add a human touch to the composition
  • Create a story by setting up a tasting (table cloth, a sandwich with a bite taken out of it, etc.)

As a bonus, here are a few sources of inspiration: chezlavigne, howlin ray's, sisterpiedetroit

Despite your best intentions, restaurants aren't always configured in a way that allows for shooting photos. In many cases, they can be too small and dark, or have inconsistent lighting throughout. These conditions can make it very difficult to take nice pictures, especially if you aren't a professional.

Don't let these obstacles stop you!

There are many photo editing apps and software that can help you make adjustments to your photos. While Photoshop remains the number one professional retouching software, there are a great number of apps on the market, such as Afterlight and Snapseed, which offer simple, quick and affordable solutions.

Get help from a pro

Get help from a pro

If you don't have the eye of a photographer, but think that professional restaurant photography is a worthy investment, get in touch with a professional! We recommend choosing a specialized photographer who knows how to adapt to the constraints of shooting in a restaurant.

Talk to them about your restaurant's personality to ensure that they capture the ambiance and style that you're looking for.