Launched in 2015 amidst Yellow Pages' transition to digital, YP Dine now benefits from the acquisition of the functionalities of reservation system Bookenda and popular food and restaurant site Dine.TO. Thanks to the expertise of these new allies, the application continues to improve its features.

According to YP Dine Brand Director, Pantelly Damoulianos, “the confluence of reservations, delivery and exhaustive information about different dining establishments into one application raises the bar even higher within the world of gastronomical discovery.” YP Dine, which maintains a presence in the four corners of the country, is presently at the service of more than 1,500 Canadian restaurants and seats more than 2.4 million customers each year.

YP Dine is, above all, a modern and dynamic team made up of over 70 employees with diverse backgrounds, including programmers, graphic designers, and journalists, and more than 20 account directors who dedicate their days to meeting with clients.

YP Dine is proud of its multiculturalism and of its employees, some of whom formerly held positions as chefs, restaurant co-owners, servers, and start-up founders. It now dedicates itself to doing more for you. Today, this rich marriage of expertise and passion is at your service!

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